Quit Smoking Treatment

Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking In Singapore

Kick this harmful habit with the help of hypnosis. Smoking is one of the biggest killers in developed countries such as Singapore and is responsible for thousands of deaths every year due to diseases which are brought on by inhaling tobacco and the numerous toxic chemicals that manufactured cigarettes contain. Hypnotherapy has helped many individuals to quit smoking when no other quitting method worked. Hypnosis is such an effective therapy for addictive behaviours as if effects change of a subconscious level where such negative habits are often rooted. Accredited hypnotherapist Liu Ming has had plenty of success helping her Singapore clients to quit smoking and other addictive behaviours and will work closely with you to help you kick this harmful and expensive habit.

quit smoking therapy singapore

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy Singapore

Quit smoking therapy helping you to break harmful habits

Smoking is a hard habit to break. People start smoking due to peer pressure, curiosity, social anxiety or even boredom before they become addicts. Inhaling tobacco leads to damage in many of the body’s systems and organs. Smoking has many adverse effects on the respiratory, circulatory, immune and musculoskeletal systems.


Impact of Smoking

  • An increased risk of blindness
  • Development of a whole host of respiratory problems from chronic coughing and emphysema
  • Premature skin wrinkles
  • Gum diseases
  • Increased risk of developing painful ulcers
  • Inflammation of stomach and intestines
  • Inability to taste and smell
  • Increased risk of cancer

Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking can be extremely effective. Our treatment places you in a deep, relaxed state where you will be open to positive suggestions. At this point of time, we will try to change your thought patterns by making suggestions such as, ‘I don’t want to smoke any longer’ or ‘The smell of smoke absolutely disgusts me.’ Hypnosis develops motivation and confidence in patients and builds in them a strong desire to quit smoking.  Our various hypnotherapy sessions cement the value of quitting and help patients to avoid a relapse into addiction.


To learn more about how this therapy can be engaged to help you quit smoking and other negative behaviours or addictions such as excessive, unhealthy anger.

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