Depression Anxiety Treatment

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression, which can be chronic or recurrent, affects many people in Singapore, and can have a significant impact on their lives. It can become a debilitating condition and people who have battled the disorder know that medication does not always offer the right solution. Hypnotherapy has been identified as one of the most effective treatments for individuals suffering from depression.
Our hypnosis depression treatment program will help you in identifying the underlying causes of your condition, as well as help you combat depression with effective coping behaviours. We will enable you to reduce or even dispel the negative thoughts and help you achieve a happier frame of mind.
At Hypnotherapy Singapore, we will use a combination of suggestion and imagery to inculcate positive changes in the unconscious processes of the depressed person. Once the patient has reaches a relaxed state of mind, the hypnotherapist introduces positive affirmations or suggestions. Individuals who undergo our hypnotherapy for depression will experience a sense of control and freedom in their thoughts, their mood, and their life in general.

hypnotherapy for depression

Hypnosis depression treatments have helped many people

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

People can experience anxiety at different levels, right from mild anxiety to fear of facing stressful situations. Severe anxiety can have a negative impact on an individual’s life. This, in turn, can lead to relationship problems, which can affect building relationships. Anxiety can also impact your career, leading to disruptions in promotions or curtailing job opportunities.
Our hypnotherapy treatment is highly beneficial, as it assists in reducing and alleviating anxious thoughts and feelings. Hypnosis gets people away from the painful thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, guilt and hopelessness and helps them develop a positive outlook on life by using powerful self-suggestion. Our hypnotherapist will inculcate a feeling of trust in you, helping you relax and focus on the positive aspects of life.
Our treatments are offered for a variety of deep-seated conditions and negative habits including excessive eating and insomnia.
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