Anger Management Treatment

Hypnosis Treatment for Anger Management In Singapore

Maintain a firm grasp on your emotions with the help of hypnotherapy sessions. Fully accredited hypnotherapist Liu Ming has many years of experience working with Singapore clients who have difficulty controlling their anger and will be able to work with you in order to help you instigate a radical change in your regular behaviour. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to change behavioural patterns on a subconscious level. After treatment, you will be able to keep your anger in check and remain calm and positive during moments of high stress.

Transform your personal and professional life with anger management

Anger is healthy, absolutely normal and most people experience it at different points of time in their lives. However, when anger gets out of control, it can cause problems in relationships, career, health and social situations, thus negatively impacting your quality of life. If anger is mismanaged, it can lead to domestic violence, road rage and other forms of violence that cause disruptions in your life.

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Do you need anger management?

Symptoms of Anger:

 – Wild Outbursts

– Aggressive Attitude

– Withdrawal from Society

– Physical or Verbal Abuse

– Tense Muscles


Hypnosis has been widely recognised as an effective treatment for anger management in Singapore. With hypnosis, the patient is induced into a deep state of relaxation. Our hypnotic therapy reaches into the subconscious minds of individuals to mark the reasons for anger and eliminate it from the roots. Hypnotherapy for anger management helps to shift your negative energy into positive thoughts. It helps you to achieve this by teaching you to harness your anger and channel it elsewhere. By working on a subconscious level, hypnotherapy nips the triggers that causes anger. Ultimately, you will look at things in a different light and stay relaxed and calm during situations that would usually trigger your anger.

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