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About Liu Ming – Certified Hypnotherapist

Liu Ming is Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher (NGH) USA, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from SECH USA, master in Mind to Mind Healing and Ultra Depth process, and studied and got his Master degree in California University, USA.

He has successfully assisted clients in many areas including: Weight reduction, smoking cessation, habit change, phobia’s, stress reduction, self-esteem and specializes in children’s issues and hypnosis for birth.

Recently, he has many clients who suffer epileptic seizure , from mild to acute. Amazingly, after 2 ~ 3 sessions, all of them are fully recover.

You may wonder how can hypnosis works for people who have epileptic seizure ?

People who suffer from epileptic seizure, during seizure the brain is producing electro-chemical imbalance in the body. If the mind is trained for relaxation, during epileptic seizure period relaxed trained mind will intercept this electro-chemical imbalance. Overtime, the person’s seizure is less intensified and  timing gap between seizures is wider and wider, and finally it is gone forever.

Autism and Mental Illness.

According to his research and experience, autism and mental illness are caused by viruses. These viruses are very smart living being. They are able to camouflage themselves in the spine, between the rings. Hence our immune system are unable to detect them. They are living like bees, the hives are located at the spine.

A lot of researchers and doctors think that there are chemical imbalances are produced by the spine. They are being manipulated by these smart living beings. These viruses actually poo-poo in the spine. Human’s immune system comes out lymphocyte to kill the poo-poo instead of the viruses. It causes human DNA to change because the immune system is unable to kill the viruses.

One way to slow down these viruses from spreading furhter is to check food allergy, both ICG and IGG. The viruses eat the food allergy, hence avoiding the food allergy can reduce the poo-poo and viruses’ activity. Unfortunately, the viruses don’t die without the food allergy.

In his life experience, he has encountered many strange illnesses clients that have gone to many doctors or other healers. Many of his clients have lost hope, suddenly not only their hope is back but also their life. Is it a miracle ?

I believe that with the right support and a willingness to succeed that anyone can reach their goals!

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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist