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  • Modern hypnosis techniques and procedures
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  • questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy


From survey of Psychotherapy, the following recovery were found:


Psychoanalysis > recovery rate is 38% after 600 sessions


Behavioral therapy > recovery rate is 78% after 22 sessions


Hypnotherapy > recovery rate 93% after 6 sessions


(Source : American Health Magazine, by Alfred A. Barrios)


When selecting a hypnotist, you’ll want to be certain that you’re choosing the right professional with the right expertise and background for you.


I, Liu Ming, am prepared to discuss your needs with you prior to engaging my service. If you have any questions about my methods or wish to learn more about my credentials I will be happy to oblige.


I am a certified hypnotherapist and hypnotist. I want to help my clients succeed. With the right approach and attitude, hypnosis can help people rapidly change their lives. Allow me to demonstrate how.


Hypnotherapy for Healing In Singapore

As one of the top centers for hypnotherapy in Singapore, our therapy is most sought after from people of all age groups and from all layers of society. We call it the confluence of alternative healing as the method is completely harmless with no side effects. We all may look fit from the outside but may be leading a turbulent emotional life on the insides and, sooner or later the symptoms will surface, harming our physical health too. This can manifest in ways such as insomnia,  unhealthy anger or depression, or reliance on food or tobacco as a comfort.


Hypnotherapists are rising fast in demand and the reasons are clear as they provide the easiest and fastest way to keep your emotional side in good order. It is a must to get some sessions regularly for the treatment to take effect and face the stress that is generated by the social structure and hectic lifestyle of today.


How does hypnosis work?


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